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Send cheques (payable to KidsAid Foundation) to,
37 Princes Walk
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KidsAid works with children and young people
to help them overcome traumatic events.

Children may have suffered:
Family breakdown,
Domestic violence,
Abuse and or neglect,
Peer pressure.

We do this by providing Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Drama Therapy, as well as Protective Behaviours work and Child/Adult Relationship Counselling. Our therapists are all professionally qualified and are experienced in their field; they are trained to work with families from all backgrounds and with a whole range of issues.

Early intervention to support these children and young people brings real benefits to their lives and will help to ensure these traumas will not manifest in later life, causing them more serious problems in the future. KidsAid works with schools, local authorities and other voluntary bodies to support vulnerable children and their families. Anyone can refer a child to KidsAid – a school, GP, family member, or a child can self-refer. Our therapists are supported by a Clinical Director and by our dedicated Board of Trustees, who have a rich variety of professional backgrounds and skills.

“I’ve seen how countless young lives can be irreparably damaged by abuse, bereavement, illness or bullying or any of a host of traumas to which today’s children may be exposed. Such damage can lead on to behavioural problems, academic under-performance, failed social relationships and poor parenting skills. This all passes the injury onto the next generation. By intervening early, we aim to help the children cope with their problems and so mitigate or prevent the later impact.”

Retired paediatrician, Nicholas Griffin chairs KidsAid